Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking for DC-3 Floor Beams

We received a request from:

CJ de Bruyn
Chief Engineer
The Friendly Islands Airline,
Chathams Pacific Engineering

Domestic Airport, Fua’amotu, Kingdom of Tonga

Looking for a variety of DC-3 parts, but most important at the moment are the last 5 floor beams at the back.
Our ones are corroded and need replacement.
P/N  are 5140047 / 5140048 / 5112087 / 5112088 / 5113366.

(If you have these parts available… and If you have information, leave a comment with your contact information.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, Hillsboro Airport, OR

News from Google:

Museum lands plane that set commercial flight aloft

From: The Hillsboro Argus

The Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum at the Hillsboro Airport recently added to its collection a 1942 Douglas C-47A aircraft.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

DC-3 Type Certificate Data Sheet TCDS A266

Just in from Tom Solinski:

Hi All

Does anyone know where one can get previous editions of the DC-3 Type Certificate Data Sheet TCDS A266 BEFORE Rev 30 ?


Tom Solinski

FAA DC-3 N34 program  coordinator.

(You may send any information By reply that will not be posted and We will forward it to Tom)

Sad report… DC-3 Down

From BBC news comes this report:

“Officials say the DC-3 plane scraped the roofs of 14 houses in Manila before crashing into an abandoned warehouse and bursting into flames.

No-one was reported injured on the ground but residents said two houses close to the warehouse caught fire. “