Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dakota/DC-3 Flight in South Africa



This journey might interest your DC-3 Fans:

I have been given the privilege of marketing the following spectacular journey on the Dakota DC-3 – it is an adventure of a life time.  Should you require any further information either on the aircraft or on the famous South African pilot Captain Flippie Vermeulen 

International Sales Director
Tel: +27 11 513 3484
Cell: 083 297 1676
South Africa

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Book about the DC-3 in operation today


History is filled with stories of adventure.
This account, however, also includes the unmistakable presence of the hand of God. Angel Flight 44: The True Story of Two Dedicated Pilots, a 60-Year-Old DC-3, and the Amazing Hurricane Katrina Mission That Birthed a New Aviation Ministry

(This book is available in both hardback and paperback editions. Purchase your copy today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.)

This true story is a book born out of supernatural flight missions that saved countless lives by the grace of God. Not to be confused with the pre-existing Angel Flight medical air transportation organizations, the new Angel Flight 44 ministry revealed in these pages has its own unique mission, and a most miraculous beginning. The miraculous adventure of humanitarian relief that pilot Glen Hyde and copilot Denny Ghiringhelli experienced is a remarkable tale of mercy in the face of catastrophe, and the love of God expressed through His supernatural intervention. Two world-renowned ministries partnered with a veteran aviator and his Douglas Super DC-3, an American Airlines 767 captain, numerous companies, and a storm-wearied pastor in Slidell, Louisiana, to obey a call from God to help hurting people. However, this relief mission not only saved many hurricane victims, it forever changed the lives of the people who conducted it. The numerous testimonies of this adventure have already profoundly impacted the thousands who have heard them. Now that they are collected within this book, these stories should similarly impact you.

Help support the fine work of these folks…”Bear”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Salute To Veterans

DAV Magazine (the official voice of the disabled American Veterans) May/June 2010 issue. (page 20) Has a great interview with EAA President Paul Poberezny about the AirVenture 2010 AND THE 75TH Anniversary of the DC-3/C-47/Dakota/R4D/LI2…

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flagship NC17334

Flagship Detroit NC17334… SportAviation  Vol.59 No.5 / May 2010
page 104
Has a great article by Lauran Paine, Jr. Called “The Lovable Gooney Bird”

This Aircraft will be among the DC-3’s at Airventure Oshkosh 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

L Bird Movie submitted to Film Festival

I wanted to let you know that the L Bird movie was accepted into the GI Film Festival in Washington DC.
It is set for viewing on Saturday May 15th at 10am.
The address for the Festival is
Carnegie Institution of Washington
• 1530 P Street NW •
Washington, DC 20005
Phone +1-202-387-6400
Our representative (ILPA) in that area will attend on our behalf and it would be nice if we could get any local L Bird fans to also attend.
If you know anyone that lives out that way please pass a long the info.
Here is a link to the festival.

(A L Bird is a very light (Piper J-3 type) aircraft used to ferry personnel, and bring wounded so that the C-47/Dakota could air lift the patients to hospitals… in the rear area… they were code named “Grasshopper” …a very brave and unarmed group of pilots)