Wednesday, May 5, 2010

L Bird Movie submitted to Film Festival

I wanted to let you know that the L Bird movie was accepted into the GI Film Festival in Washington DC.
It is set for viewing on Saturday May 15th at 10am.
The address for the Festival is
Carnegie Institution of Washington
• 1530 P Street NW •
Washington, DC 20005
Phone +1-202-387-6400
Our representative (ILPA) in that area will attend on our behalf and it would be nice if we could get any local L Bird fans to also attend.
If you know anyone that lives out that way please pass a long the info.
Here is a link to the festival.

(A L Bird is a very light (Piper J-3 type) aircraft used to ferry personnel, and bring wounded so that the C-47/Dakota could air lift the patients to hospitals… in the rear area… they were code named “Grasshopper” …a very brave and unarmed group of pilots)

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