Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Herpa DC-3

Word from Dan Gryder

"I will hold the special $3960 SIC course rate, as well as the $6395 Combination rate through JUNE schedule - After that there is most likely going to be a rate increase on all the courses - depending on fuel contracts, and the economy.

This $3960 course price is total price, we include pickup from KATL, a free crew car,

all meals, and a hotel at contract price of $59.00 / night at the Hampton Inn.

There will be a day when a type rating or a left seat flight in the DC-3 is no longer available."

See our site at www.TheDC-3Network.com

Remember - If you have a pilots license of any kind, we can upgrade you to Multi.

If you are already multi, you can fly the DC-3.

Actually, we are looking for ANY pilots to fly the DC-3.

Low time single engine folks still get to fly it.

If you are already Multi and SIC typed, you can upgrade to the ATP and/or PIC

at any time. I look forward to flying with you this year!

Dan Gryder

The Herpa DC-3


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