Friday, January 15, 2010

New DC-3 Book – Press release

A Legend in Her Time: A 75th Anniversary Photographic Tribute

Documenting the legacy of this beloved aircraft, this comprehensive photographic history celebrates the 75th anniversary of the DC-3. First appearing during the golden age of aviation in the 1930s, the versatile Douglas DC-3 has been used in numerous situations from the Berlin Airlift to Vietnam and has outlasted every other commercial aircraft in the world. Offering insight into why the DC-3 has outlived its contemporaries, this homage also discusses what role this aircraft plays today, such as how updated turboprop versions are used in polar research missions, firefighting, and military operations.

Bruce McAllister is a writer, photographer, publisher, and pilot with more than 5,100 hours of flight time. His previous works include Vagabonds of the Sky, Wings Above the Arctic, Wings Across America, Wings Over Denali, Wings Over The Alaska Highway, and Wings Over The Yukon. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Transportation, History
256 pages, Cloth, 11.5 x 8.5
100 Color Photos, 160 B/W Photos
Distribution Rights: WOR
$49.95 (CAN $54.95)
9780615228778 (0615228771)

Pub Date: April 2010

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